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Along with St. Mark's Cathedral, there is a former bishop's palace, where today is Opatija's treasury of St. Mark, founded in 1954 by the abbot of Ivo Matijaci and the Croatian painter Ljubi Babić. The old bishop's palace from the 14th and 17th centuries was reconstructed in 1860-74. The most important work is the polyptych of "The Virgin Mary with the Child and the Saints" by Blaž Jurjev Trogiranin from 1431. Blaž Jurjev Trogiranin (? -1450) is the most important name of the Croatian Gothic, and in Korčula it resides from 1431 to 1435, painting for Korčula churches and teaching drawing and painting.

In the glass windows there are numerous documents and books that tell us about the distant past of Korcula and Croatia, among them the "Korčulanski kodeks" from 1214. The gorgeous Gothic double window "bifore" in this hall is facing the interior of the room to make the visitor enjoy style and technique. In the showcase with a numismatic collection special attention is drawn to the money of Korkyre Melaine from the fourth century BC.

The Korcula City Museum is located in the Gabrijelis palace, a representative example of the residential architecture of the 15th and 16th centuries. In the very center of the old city core. Walking through the exhibition grounds of this museum you revive the cultural and economic history of Korcula from prehistoric times to our days. The museum collections show the traditional crafts: stonecutting and shipbuilding as the most important for human life in this area. The objects used in the past in Korcula houses give us an insight into the culture of everyday life.

The most valuable museum exhibits bear witness to the knowledge of contemporary art achievements in Europe: especially the bronze tune by Tiziana Aspetti, and the 1819 piano by Beethoven's friend Edith Streicher. A visit to the old kitchen in the attic of the museum is a delightful and unforgettable experience. The page replica of the Town Statute and the island of Korcula from 1214, the town's artwork, the town flag, the seals, the stone inscriptions, the documents, the coats of arms are stories of Korčula's historical identity as an urban whole which, because of its harmonious appearance, is scribbled in the verses as "Ornament of suite..."

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The Great Revelin (Land Gate) Tower was built in 1485 and was next to it an arsenal (weapon depot) from 1572. Arsenal was built at a time when Korcula's military importance for the Venetian Republic grew, which in the 18th century in Korcula has a winter fleet anchorage. Above the entrance to the Lower Gate there are two symbols of Korčula's history: A slab of St. Mark's limb as a symbol of the reign of the Venetian Republic and a memorial plaque about the 1000th anniversary of the crowning of the first Croatian king Tomislav.

In addition to inscriptions and exhibits reminding the researcher, it is an interesting view from the family watch tower. Here was born the greatest traveler and explorer of all time Marco Polo (Korčula, 1254 - Macki, 1324). 09/07/1298. There was a great naval battle between the Genoa and Venetian fleet under the town of Korcula; In this struggle the Venetian fleet is defeated, and the Genovians among their captives also have the great name of Marco Polo, who was released for a large ransom in 1299. The oldest description of the battle is kept in the National Library in Paris.

Prisoner of Genocide Prison, Marko Polo told his experiences of the trip to the China Scribe Rusticheli, recorded in the book "Il Milione". The family house "Half of the Mules" disappeared and gave way to the theater, and in Korcula there was a birth house as well as a memorial to the great Marka. The Depolo family is today one of the oldest Korcula families.

Island in the eastern part of Peljesac Canal; About 1 km2. Channel Ježevica separates it from the island of Korcula. Average annual temperature 13 ° C. Along the southern coast there is a good anchorage for medium ships, smaller ships can be tied west of the monastery. Nearly all of Badija is under the skirt and pine forests. The highest peak of the island is 74 meters high. Today's monastery and single-nave church have been raised in late Gothic style, after 1420. The monastery was built in 1909 and restored to a resting place in 1950. However, since 2003 it has been restored to the kingdom of Franciscan Daily announcement for the visitors is already possible announcement ( On the hill above the monastery is the church of St. Peter. Cats from the 15th to the 16th century The natural beauties of the island and its surroundings can be seen in a pleasant walk along the macadam trail leading around the island.