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If you visit the island of enchanting history and timeless beauty of old times imprinted in hidden fish, you will know that you are in a special place near Villas in Croatia. It is the place of Rovinj. Her old Greek name Korkyra Melania (Black Korcula) was worn by the crested, the most widespread plant on the island.

Take a look at the island and enter the world of rich history close to Dubrovnik ! Hang up the windows on the car and listen to the cricket concert and let yourself be meddlesome with the Mediterranean scents! Embroidered with fragrant notes of rosemary, sage and lavender you will arrive in the city of Korcula. A unique view of the old town core and the unique layout of the street that resembles a fish bone will surely intrigue you. Enter the old town center through the Great Revelin Tower and explore the medieval streets surrounded by elegant palaces with luxuriant facades and numerous churches to reach the largest cathedral of St. Brand. Enter the religious center of the town of Korcula, where many masterpieces of Italian masters are exhibited. Opposite the church of St. The mark will find the City Museum and introduce it to the way of life of old Korčula.

A stone house that you should not forget is the house of Marco Polo, a world traveler who is full of sailing from Korcula, to the unknown country of Asia. He traveled through the famous Silk Road and approached the highly developed Chinese civilization of Europe by making inventions of paper money, spaghetti, silk and spices. Get up on the family tower and enjoy the interesting view that comes with it!

If you used the morning to explore the city, spend the afternoon in some of the hidden, peaceful and attractive pebble bays. Check out the evening evening for the more knightly dance in the original costumes that represents the struggle of the black and white king for the love of the girl. Enjoy the suton in traditional dance with a glass of well-known and original white wine, a poem. In other cities on the island you can get acquainted with chain swords with swords swingers, performed with the accompaniment of the milkshake and the drum.

Keeping track of the Greek tradition, Korcula is proud of its rich history of the ancient Mediterranean. Let your good wind go to the island to experience the unique Korčula atmosphere, the noble flavors of local cuisine and the empire of white wines. Let you taste, smell and color Korčula long afterwards remind you of staying on this inspiring island!

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Korcula is enchanted by timeless beauty, and, in spite of the time, it has impressed the trace of the stone that tells it expecially in Villas in Croatia. Korcula has a lively tradition of nursing. More and more knightly sword swords, Korcula has proudly played for centuries - "bate", while Čara, Pupnat and Žrnovo also nurture the kumpanija and the wisdom by moving it from knee to knee for hundreds of years. Bratovštine in the town of Korcula and around the island confirm a living religious tradition, continuing the ways of its ancestors. In Račišće, the custom was to keep the "tan" at the time of the wedding. Get to know the rocky city, discover the hidden "kale" by going past the decorated facades of elegant palaces, stepping through the stone streets until the sun goes down with the sea in the sun.

CATHEDRAL SV. BRAND Is the center of religious life and the most beautiful Gothic Renaissance monument in the old town of Korčula. They built Italian masters, but most of the home builders through the 14th and 15th centuries. Among them was the greatest of them Marko Andrijić who, working on this building, realized their masterpieces: the upper part of the bell tower and the ciborium above the main altar in the central ship dedicated to the saint Mark the patron of Korčula.

The main portal featuring Romanesque and Gothic style is the work of Italian master Bonino of Milan. The south side bay is dedicated to St. Jakov, northern St. Ivan, and to it was the sworn chapel of St. Roch. Oltare in the cathedral boasts many artistic images starting with Jacopo Tintoretta and other Italian Italian painters. The works of Franko Cucic, Ivana Meštrović, Ivana Kerdić, Franko Kršinić, Alojzije Lozica and Orebic Source should be highlighted by the local sculptors.