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Korcula or Black Korcula, as originally called by the dense forests, the first settlers of the island are the sea, the sun, the stone and the wine. Traditionally, the population of Korcula was engaged in shipbuilding and stone quarrying, which still lives today. In addition, Korcula also cultivates vineyards, so today Korcula has some of the most popular wines such as Pošip or Grka. Attractions in Korcula, Croatia villas:

- Hotel Bon Repos Korcula - Three kilometers from Korcula, on the island of Korcula, Hotel Bon Repos is located in a quiet bay called the Gulf of Bothnia. Hotel Bon Repos consists of four pavilions whose names symbolize four typical old Mediterranean trees: Jasmin, Cedar, Begonija and Čempres, with 278 rooms and 556 beds. In the central part of the hotel there is a reception desk. - Hotel Marko Polo Korcula - Hotel Marko Polo on the island of Korcula completely renovated in 2006 The hotel has 94 rooms, capacity 210 persons. Hotel Marko Polo consists of three floors connected by two lifts with reception, restaurant, café, appetizing bar, souvenir shop and TV lounge. - Hotel Park Korcula - Hotel Park is located on the island of Korcula. Located on the coast, only five minutes walk from the center. Hotel Park consists of two pavilions connected by a central building. Two more pavilions are in the immediate vicinity of the hotel.

The specific position of the island with lots of sun and sea, rich traditions and cultural heritage have favored the tourist development of the island of Korcula. Numerous quaint coves, warm sea and sunshine, healthy Mediterranean cuisine, and homemade hospitality sneaked that the island of Korcula became a tourist destination of interest. We wish you a pleasant stay at the Marko Polo Hotel in Korcula or in one of our hotels and apartments from our offer you can see below.

On the island there are several small island towns, Korcula, Vela Luka, Žrnovo, Pupnat, Čara and Racisce, each of which has its own story, some of its charms and Croatian villas. The most famous is certainly the birthplace of Marco Polo or the town of Korcula. Korcula is the city that among the first in Europe has passed the statute of the town and the island of Korcula, which already regulated the life of the medieval town in the 13th century. It is a stone-style city, like Dubrovnik, nestled on a small peninsula surrounded by medieval walls. The town of Korcula can boast that it has managed to preserve the centuries-old tradition of the knights' game called Moreška, which is held every year on July 29, Todor.

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The island of Korcula is located west and east. The length is 46.8 km, with an average width of 5.3 to 7.8 km, with an area of ​​270 km square and is the sixth largest island in the Adriatic Sea. The three largest settlements on Korcula are Vela Luka on the west of the island, Blato in the interior and the town of Korcula in the east, and the rest are Lumbarda, Pupnat, Žrnovo, Čara, Smokvica and Račišće.

The island is well-indented with a series of gulfs and bays. Its northern shore is relatively low, easily accessible and has several natural harbors of the south and east winds of protected harbors: Korcula, Banja, Racisce, Vrbovica, Babina, Prigradica. The south coast is more indented, but it is steep: there are some rocks high up to 30 m above sea, there are plenty of anchors and bays sheltered from the north wind, but exposed to the south: Zavalatica, Rasohatica, Orlanduša, Pavja Luka, Pupnatska Luka, Prižba, Grščica And others, and Brna is sheltered from the south. The largest, best protected bay is Vela Luka on the far west of the island.

Wide panoramic views, mild Mediterranean climate, clear sea, interesting cultural heritage, various sports recreational and entertainment facilities and above all kind and welcoming hosts make the island of Korcula an attractive tourist destination.

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On Korcula we offer apartments and houses in the area: Vele Luke, Blato (Prigradica, Prižba, Gršćica, Karbuni), Korcula, Lumbarda, Smokvica (Brna), Čara (Zavalatica) Žrnova, Račišća. We suggest filling in the contact form and thus setting a query for the desired object or destination. Select the desired category for photos and more information.