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The birth house of the legendary Marco Polo The birth house of Marco Polo in the town of KorčulaMarko Polo, the world's first traveler and the greatest researcher of its time, was born in 1254 in the town of Korcula, and the birthplace of Marco Polo is located near the cathedral of St Mark. He traveled the world for 24 years and, after visiting Central Asia, returned as a fleet commander through the Hormuz strait. They were imprisoned by the Genoese, who defeated the rival of Venice near the island of Korcula. In his penitential penitentiary, he told his mouthpiece, Rustichell from Pisa, who later wrote their conversations in the book Million. Marko Polo died in 1324 and was buried in the church of San Lorenzo in Venice. Those who are bidding on Korcula as a city of his birth claim that "Depolo" was often the last name in the area of ​​the town of Korcula, giving this argument as one of the many proofs. In the town of Korcula you can see the exhibition of Marco Polo, where you can look at the details of his life and his travels.

Traditional chivalry games of the island of Korcula The craftsmanship of Moreška in the town of KorčulaOur Korčula, its unique cultural heritage can thank its burning and interesting history. With its rich architectural heritage, it is extremely important to highlight the rich folklore heritage, one of the richest among all the Mediterranean islands. Over the centuries, the local population was knighted; Kumpanja in Velika Luka, Blato, Smokvica, Čari and Pupnatu; Mostru in Žrnov and Moreška in the town of Korcula. Moreška is a traditional romantic knight game where two sides wrestle for the girl, based on the roots of traditional Mediterranean tales and legends. Kumpanija is a knight game with richer dance figures and I know from a number of other European dances. These dances are equally alive today and Korcula is happy to show them to their visitors. Along with them, there are numerous popular folk dances, as well as mixed, female and male clap notes, preserved on the island of Korcula Luxury Croatia accommodation. Learn more about traditional customs on the island of Korcula.

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Museums and ethnographic collections of the island of Korcula Ethnographic collection Zlokic in Velika LukaOtok Korcula is famous for its rich cultural, architectural and archaeological heritage, which is well preserved to this day. In fact, the entire island of Korcula reminds of the open-air museum, a reminder of the ancient, long time ago. In the town of Korcula there are several museums: the Korcula City Museum where you can learn a lot about the city's history with many interesting exhibits; Opatija treasury with numerous religious objects, Icon Museum with a rich collection of religious icons; Museum of Marco Polo; Maksimilijan Vanke Museum, a famous Croatian painter. Blato is a rich private ethnological collection "Barilo", where you can get a detailed insight into the life and customs of the island of Korcula from ancient times. In the town of Vela Luka on the westernmost part of the island of Korcula there is an ethnological museum with very interesting exhibits from the life of old fishermen, sailors, farmers and merchants. Find out more about museums on the island of Korcula.

Beautiful hidden coves and beaches of the island of Korcula with Croatia accommodation Beautiful bay on Korcula island Korcula is known for its lush Mediterranean vegetation, and is probably the most green Adriatic island. Korcula is an island full of diversity, which best shows the difference between the north and south coast of the island. The north coast of the island is gentle and gentle, easily accessible, with shallow sea, while the southern coast of the island of Korcula resembles the Norwegian fjords, with high, steep cliffs rising from the sea. The southern coast of the island is inaccessible - there are only a few asphalt roads while other roads are mostly macadamic and we do not recommend using them unless you have a suitable car. On the south side of the island, there are numerous small hidden coves, ideal for researchers seeking peace and quiet. Although the northern coastline of the island is more accessible, and it is still possible to find a quiet corner on it. We invite you to explore the magnificent coves and beaches on the island of Korcula. Click for more information about beaches, bays and coves on the island of Korcula.